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Our Methods

How we get work done sets us apart.

Our methodology comes from experience; you will benefit choosing iRepair over a less experienced, heavily over-branded service provider.

Efficient, knowledgeable labor means we’re faster and more affordable.


Saved time. 

Inexperienced technician must break a device to learn how to repair them. This cannot be done in front of you, for obvious reasons. As a result, the technician will give himself ample time to learn how to work on your device, and ample time to order any parts that may break while he is working on it.

Saved money. 

Many DIY instructional sites unnecessarily complicate the repair procedure by telling you to perform unnecessary steps. These unnecessary steps complicate the repair, and often require the technician replace parts that he doesn’t have to replace, increasing the expense of the repair. Examples are when some websites tell technicians to replace the entire assembly on a Macbook Air instead of the polarizer by itself, or to replace the entire top case instead of just the keyboard.

We’re built for volume business, making us lean and affordable.

We believe in a business model of high volume & lower prices. Meaning, we’d rather have more work at lower prices than less work at higher prices. Our shop was built to handle a high volume of repairs, which has made us very efficient. Efficiency means faster turnaround time, and lower prices.

We’ve built our supply chain far beyond the eBay purchasing common to most repair shops.

We believe in stocking parts and nurture our supply chain. Parts are acquired direct from the manufacturer, not from middlemen suppliers that don’t have it together. Having only one part on hand means if it is defective, your repair is set back a week while the repair shop orders a new part. This is a growing industry; many newcomers lack the experience required to understand the importance of inventory. Here your repair will never be delayed due to inventory issues. You’ll often notice no one in the area can perform certain jobs as quickly & affordably as we can – often because we have a superior supply chain.

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