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Free consultation and diagnostic at your visit!

You’ll know what’s the problem with your device at the time when you visit us.

Most of the repair shops will tell you “we’ll check it and call you in a week.”

You are looking for a quick turn around time, you don’t need someone who will waste few days looking around, trying to find out what is wrong with your device. We understand that. This is the reason why we offer immediate estimate. You will know what is the problem with your device at the time of your visit.

Keep in mind that this is not always possible. Sometimes a device can have a variety of problems and it’s not possible to quickly find each one of them and give you an accurate diagnostic. If your MacBook got water damaged for example, you will have to leave it with us for a day or two. In a case like this, we’ll contact you later to inform you about the problem and the options you have.

If you’re willing to hang around for a while – we’ll check the device and tell you what’s wrong with it. We don’t use the common practice of leaving the device in a queue and check it later. When we receive a task, we get to it right away.


Free estimates: we don’t have consultation or diagnostic fees.

Taking apart your device to determine what is the reason for the problem you experienced is absolutely free. We believe diagnostic fees are predatory in the electronics repair business. To find out your problem and give you a repair estimate, we don’t have fees.


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Phone: +(359) 2 950 6655 | Mobile: +(359) 897 64 3030

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Phone: +(359) 2 950 6655
Mobile: +(359) 897 643030

Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
ul. Stara Planina 10

E-Mail: info@iRepair.bg

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