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iPhone Repair – Sofia

Broken iPhone?

That’s what we’re here for! We have been solving problems for hundreds of iPhone owners in Bulgaria and EU.


Broken glass or LCD screen?

This is the most common issue. The iPhone has an incredibly delicate glass screen, which cracks very easily. We can repair them in as little as an hour depending on business volume – just walk on in!

When we fix a broken glass, we use brand new high quality glass, LCD screen and digitizer assembly, since we believe that this is the only way to repair it right. Most of the service shops use refurbished assemblies where only the glass has been replaced with a new one using the old LCD screen. This is not a quality and long lasting repair method, because of possible future problems with the screen like lines, bad pixels, dark or bright spots or problems with the digitizer and the touch function.

Some things that set aside our screen replacement service is that we do not use thinner glass. Knockoff glass cracks easier, and knockoff digitizers do not respond to touch properly. The digitizer is the part of the glass that turns your touch into a digital signal that iPhone can understand & interpret. While it may be one in every few hundred good digitizers that does not respond to touch, it’s one in every dozen knockoff digitizers that have touch issues. We use quality parts which give us the confidence necessary to offer 90 days warranty.


Home button doesn’t work properly?

This is a common issue with iPhone. The button gets dirty and stops working. We are going to open your iPhone and replace the button with a new one. This will bring back it’s function and it will work like new again.

Note that if the home button on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is replaced, the touch ID function will not be available anymore, since the only original button is coded to work with the specific phone’s logic board.

Dying quickly?

After a year or two of active use, many iPhone’s stop making it through a day with a full charge. It’s more common than on the iPad because the battery is much smaller and is more intensively used. We have original batteries for most of the iPhone models in stock at our store – call in and ask! The battery replacement only takes about 15 minutes.


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Phone: +(359) 2 950 6655
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